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      About Huafu

      Huafu Fashion Co., Ltd. is the first A-share company in the color spun industry in China, and global leading color spun industrial brand,the bigger new-type yarn supplier and manufacturer.

      It is mainly engaged in the business of middle and high-class color spun yarns, and provides semi-worsted color yarns,vortex spun color yarns , rotor spun color yarns, high-class new-type grey yarns and dyed yarns as auxiliary products, and also provide value-added services such as fashion trends, certification of raw materials and products,hanging of tags and technical consulting. By virtue of integration and innovation in terms of colors, materials and techniques, it provides clients with high-quality products and services.

      Huafu Brand color spun yarns have become an international brand of the industry with its global market share among the best and are welcomed by numerous domestic and overseas famous clothes brands.; its major products are sold wellin dozens of countries and regions such as Europe, the United States, Japan,the Republic of Korea and Southeast Asia. By means of M&A and construction, it has now acquired the production capacity of 1.89 million spindles, with five major production units in Zhejiang, Yangtze River area,Yellow River-Huai River area, Xinjiang and overseas area, and thus enjoys outstanding advantage in the production scale. Meanwhile, the Company also builds the competitive and cooperation partnership with a large batch of strategic suppliers.

      At present, the company is the vice-director level unit of China National Textileand Apparel Council, China Fashion Color Association, and China TextileIndustry Association, and the director-level unit of Zhejiang Textile IndustryAssociation. It has been for many years selected as one of the “Top 10 Enterprises in the Chinese Cotton Textile Industry in Terms of Competitiveness”,and has been granted as such honors and titles of “Contribution Prize of Textile Product Development in China”, "Class-I Enterprise of Export Commodities”, "Quality Award of the Textile Industry”、 Chinese “Well-knownTrademarks” and “Chinese Textile Color Award”, and has been granted such titles as National “New-type Color Spun Textile Product Development Base”, " Chinese Color Yarns Color R&D Base”, “Chinese Color Spun Quality Yarns Base” and the “National Highand New-tech Enterprise”.”

      The Company takes it as itshistorical mission to “approach life and make it beautiful;” it takes it as itstask to become “the leader in colors,” “the forerunner in the environmental protection” and “the innovator in technology,” with a view to leading the development of the color dyed sector. Faced with the new opportunity of the development of both the industrial Internet and the flexible supply chain, the company has redefined itself as the operator of the global textile and garment industry. It focuses on its major businesses, keeps developing the share industry, and marches toward the goal of output of 100 million yuan by adhering to the Belt and Road Initiative, and the strategy of intelligence and network chains.


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